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The Importance of Building A LinkedIn Network
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Build your LinkedIn empire by establishing a robust network of connections.
The Importance of your network
One of the ways by which LinkedIn is safer than another networks is thru its contact limitations. In order to add someone being a contact, in many cases you have to indicate the method that you know him or her. It could be through school, work, or other social contact.
Why are these claims important? LinkedIn was designed to limit commercial messages to its InMail program, that’s paid. Those people whom you can contact at no cost is regulated based on your network status. 1st degree contacts would be the people you associated with yourself, and they include the only ones you’ll be able to message directly free of charge. 2nd degree connections include the 1st degree connections of your 1st degree connections, while 3rd degree connections are known through 2nd degree connections. For 2nd and 3rd degree connections, you are able to only contact them if you’re created by a 1st degree connection or buy an InMail.

Every time you’re connecting with someone new, it expands your networking opportunities greater than you think. If you were to connect to 50 individuals who all had 50 1st degree LinkedIn introductions of their own, you would be one email or mobile call away from being introduced to 2,500 other people, assuming no overlaps. Those 2,500 people can therefore introduce you to 125,000 more and more people assuming in addition they only have 50 connections apiece and there is no overlap.
What performs this mean to suit your needs? In short, the more 1st degree connections you’ve, the easier it is for you personally to reach out to others. Whether you’re trying to find a job or sell something, it’s smart to have a network of people whom you trust as contacts.

Start by connecting with whom you know

Remember, LinkedIn incentivizes expanding your network with others you already know. So, think about whom you know that are helpful for your career, or who can tell you about others who are helpful. This includes:

  1. Colleagues, past and present
  2. Partners and clients
  3. Professional association members
  4. Networking acquaintances
  5. Classmates
  6. Recruiters
  7. Friends& Family

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